Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Blow

Life is beautiful to live. Sometimes I come to think I'm invincible, free from any harm. Since I'm from a small family, i forgot my family and I are candidate of death.
A friend's text knock me out of my senses. Her mother which is also a good friend of my mon just died. Hey wait a minute! It gave me the chills. This whole time I had been ignoring death as if it does not exist, living my life far from the contentment of my soul. And above all, it gave me the scare knowing I could lose my parents or anyone in my family. Yup yup yup.. I had been a bad girl. Lets say its my defense mechanism so God will know how weak I am and that He will be lighter on me in terms of problems. I know my argument is irrational but everytime I get closer to God, It feels like obstacles are starting to pour right into my head.
I know sooner or later I got to change, because after all, I'm not invincible. Death is just on my doorsteps waiting patiently for God's signal and I got to be prepared for it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

a Call for a Change

Last week, when I watched a show, I was interested with the topic that discussed the reasons behind the sudden climatic change and the calamities that many countries have experienced. Global warming, I always hear these many times and yes this is the reason why the heat of the sun is so damaging, but the truth is I don't fully understand how it cause the sudden weather changes. The show have taught me that we are the one who are responsible why it is happening and we are now suffering the consequences. I have learned that by simply using too much electricity and by not saving water, we are constantly destroying that planet we are living in. Now, many concerned people from around the globe are working to let us know and educate on how we can save our earth and eventually save us and the next generation. Hope that you will help.

Friday, April 11, 2008

the test of friendship

I just watched the episode of Criminal Minds, it's about three girls who are on the same soccer team and are bestfriends. There came a certain situation in their lives that truly tests their friendship. The episode have stricken me because it really made me think that sometimes your friends may turn you down when you're in difficult times. It makes me wonder how strong a friendship is, or until when are friends will hold on to each other?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

working on a call center??

Looking for a job is not quite easy, with high number of graduates and so little job opportunities, landing on a best job takes a lot of patience and you need to be qualified enough. But there is a new trend ( actually, it's not really that new) where you don't have to look job that hard. You don't have to have a specific profession or doesn't requires limited age, as long as you're conversant in English and can work during night.

The job is tiring but the salary is really high compare to the other jobs. But I don't know if working on a call center is my career..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

my first assignment

Since I volunteered to my bestfriend to help her with her preparation for her wedding, my first job is to find the perfect invitation for this perfect event of her life. I was trying to search on the internet about the latest styles, colors and designs. Well, I've found some nice stuffs but I will let her see my research and ask her to choose from them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

an eye opener

The news about rice shortage hasn't stop and people who belong to the poorest of the poor are now on panic buying. Actually, I'm little concern with what will happen if the crisis continues, but I know that our people will be able to surpass this. For the longest time, we have encountered different crisis, I don't think that only this thing will turn us down. For now, I don't really worry that much, I guess it's because I'm on a diet, haha.. This event I think is an eye opener for everyone that we especially the government have taken for granted the agriculture sector. We are so apt to industrialization that we even converted our farm lands into metro. Also, it is a realization for all of us that we have to give credit to the farmers and value their work.

Monday, April 7, 2008


My bestfriend is to be wed by the end of this year, and as her best, I'm going to be her maid of honor. Well, that is not the only thing that excites me, coz I'm going to help her in the preparation. Starting from the invitations to the giveaways. I'm going to be busy doing the job. I'm just going to update you every now and then.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

the richness in us

I know that my country I'm living in is rich in natural resources and has fertile land suitable for planting crops. I mean, we're not supposed to have food problems, but according to statistics, that there are still many of us who cannot eat at least thrice a day. It's shouldn't be like this, but you see, we don't even know how to take care of what we have. I guess, the crisis we're facing right now is the nature's way of opening our eyes to what we have done.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

rice crisis

The issue on rice crisis in the Philippines have caught my attention. For how many weeks, it has been a hot topic. I was really concern coz I know it will greatly affect me. Now the government are doing their best to resolve the problem. But I guess, the government should prioritize the interest of the farmers who do most of the hard work but gain only a little part.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Chicken Soup

I really adore the book "Chicken Soup", it is really like the second best book to me aside from the Bible. The book shares different touching stories from the young people to the old one. Every stories have a distinct impact on me and those stories were really inspiring since those are true, real stories. I love the book because it talks about love, giving, forgiving and etc..

How I wish I could purchase my own "Chicken Soup" and hope that more people will be touched with it.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

better today

My life is better now than before. Though we're not living luxuriously however we managed to meet our needs. You know, when I was a child, once a week we always have this so called "fasting" time. The fasting was unintentional, it so happened that we don't have food and no money to buy one. So there's nothing we could do but to wait until my dad comes home with food and money.

I treasure those part of my life. I don't have any regrets or blames coz I know that the experienced helps me to dream more.