Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Blow

Life is beautiful to live. Sometimes I come to think I'm invincible, free from any harm. Since I'm from a small family, i forgot my family and I are candidate of death.
A friend's text knock me out of my senses. Her mother which is also a good friend of my mon just died. Hey wait a minute! It gave me the chills. This whole time I had been ignoring death as if it does not exist, living my life far from the contentment of my soul. And above all, it gave me the scare knowing I could lose my parents or anyone in my family. Yup yup yup.. I had been a bad girl. Lets say its my defense mechanism so God will know how weak I am and that He will be lighter on me in terms of problems. I know my argument is irrational but everytime I get closer to God, It feels like obstacles are starting to pour right into my head.
I know sooner or later I got to change, because after all, I'm not invincible. Death is just on my doorsteps waiting patiently for God's signal and I got to be prepared for it.

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