Tuesday, October 28, 2008

in the Mexico

Cancun is the most popular tourist destination in Mexico since it attracts more and more people than any other cities in the country. About 3 million people come every year just to see the stunning beaches, beautiful views and plenty of fun activities offered. Tourists can enjoy modern lifestyle with high-class beaches and restaurants and at the same time may explore the ancient culture. Shopping, dining and night life are just few of the things that you can do.Cancun just like Caribbean is another paradise, the white sugary sand, clear turquoise water together with the great coastal view will make your trip more special.


Monday, October 20, 2008


Mauritis is an island nation off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, about 900 kilometres (560 mi) east of Madagascar. In addition to the island of Mauritius, the Republic includes the islands of St. Brandon, Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands, with the French island of Réunion 200 km (125 mi) to the southwest and the island of Rodrigues 570 km to the northeast.

The island of Mauritius is renowned as the only known home of the dodo.
Trivia: The Dodo bird, a large, flightless critter, once lived here. When the Dutch arrived around 1600, they killed off most of them. Their pets killed the rest and they were extinct by 1681. Yes, the Dutch sailors might have eaten a few, but it was actually something else that did them in.

Mauritian beaches are the loveliest in the world and that is mainly what draws many tourists to come to the island every year. Have a look for yourself.

Lagoons of a typically tropical sweetness and endless white beaches : Mauritius is a real paradise for those who want to enjoy the sea or just to soak up the sun. Here is a list of the island’s finest public beaches.

Grand Bay
One of the best areas for sailing, windsurfing and water skiing. La Cuvette beach has been recently upgraded.

This remarkable small cove half-way between Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux is one of the finest bathing spots on the island.

Belle Mare
Miles and miles of white and spotless beaches from Belle Mare to Trou-d’Eau Douce

Blue Bay
Blue Bay beach is one of the most popular bathing spots in the South-East of the island. An ideal spot for windsurfing and sailing.

Le Morne & Tamarin
Offer kilometres of beaches for bathing and are very popular for surfing.

Flic en Flac
White beaches fringed with filaos or Casuarina trees.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Day in Las Vegas

The city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. As darkness ravels sin city, beautiful lights starts to light up. The long night is about to begin.
Las Vegas (Spanish: "The Meadows") is the most populous city in the state of Nevada, the seat of Clark County, and an internationally renowned major resort city for the gaming industry, shopping, and entertainment. Las Vegas, billed as The Entertainment Capital of the World, is famous for the number of large casino resorts and their associated entertainment. The city's tolerance for various forms of adult entertainment earned it the title of Sin City, and this image has made Las Vegas a popular setting for films and television programs. Outdoor lighting displays are everywhere on the Las Vegas Strip and are seen elsewhere in the city as well; as seen from space, Las Vegas is the brightest city on earth.

*Lobby of The Venetian casino

Wedding @ Las Vegas
Romance isn't dead - not with Elvis and the cast of Star Trek standing by. Here's how to take your neon vows.

Free circus performances acts steal centre stage directly above this Austin Powers-era casino's main floor. Grab a seat at the revolving Horse-A-Round Bar made infamous by Hunter S Thompson's gonzo-journalism epic Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. If your craving for more, visit the Mirage Hotel, a 3,044 room hotel and casino resort located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise and the Mirage is connected by a free tram to Treasure Island, its sister property immediately to the north. The marquee in front of The Mirage is the largest free standing marquee in the world. How about Caesar's Palace, a luxury hotel and casino; the Fremont Street, New York Casino, Circus Circus Las Vegas, and a whole lot more other destinations.

Visit Las Vegas now. Nothing beats Sin City when it comes to fun and excitement.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hawaii - a true paradise

The fresh, floral air energizes you. The warm, tranquil waters refresh you. The breathtaking, natural beauty renews you. Hawaii, one of the top summer destinations, in fact I consider it as the most beautiful place on earth.The Island of Hawaiʻi, also called the Big Island or Hawaiʻi Island, is a volcanic island in the U.S. State of Hawaiʻi in the North Pacific Ocean. With an area of 4,028 square miles (10,432 km²), it is the largest island in the United States and larger than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined.Hawaiʻi is said to have been named for Hawaiʻiloa, the legendary Polynesian navigator who first discovered it. However, other accounts attribute the name to the legendary land or realm of Hawaiki, a place from which the Polynesians originated (see also Manua), the place where they go in the afterlife, the realm of the gods.The Island of Hawaiʻi is administered as the County of Hawaiʻi. The county seat is Hilo. It is estimated that as of the year 2003, the island had a resident population of 158,400.

Look around. There’s no place on earth like Hawaii.

Whether you’re a new visitor or returning, the six unique islands offer distinct experiences that will entice any traveler.

Plenty of activities can be experience during one's stay. This spectacularly oceanfront is a great place to whale, dolphin & turtle watch, or fish from the oceanfront bluff. If you feel like sharing the ocean with these sea-creature, you can go snorkeling and swimming that are extremely fabulous here. To really experience all that Hawaii offers, you should consider renting a car. Many visitors also enjoy taking bus tours to conveniently explore the Islands. Shuttles, taxis, and public transport are available on most islands. Tours include volcano tour, pearl harbor tour, mingling with the natives in the polynesian cultural cent er, or go with the combo package where you can jet-ski. If you feel like being alone with nature, surfing, sun bathing and a walk in the sea shore are the best thing.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Palawan is an island province of the Philippines located in the MIMAROPA region. Its capital is Puerto Princesa City, and it is the largest province in the country in terms of total area of jurisdiction. The islands of Palawan stretch from Mindoro to Borneo in the southwest. It lies between the South China Sea in the northwest and Sulu Sea in the southeast. The province is named after its largest island, Palawan Island, measuring 450 kilometers long, and 50 kilometers wide.

The province of Palawan has been declared as a natural sanctuary of the world. It is wrapped in a mantel of rainforests, outstanding dive sites, majestic mountains, primeval caves, and pristine beaches. It is surrounded by a coral shelf that abounds with varied and colorful marine life. It boasts of exotic flora and fauna, like the mousedeer and the scaly anteater, that are found nowhere else.

Palawan waters are among the best in the world, not only for diving but also for fishing. A diver’s paradise, it has miles of sub- surface coral and rainbow reef walls whish surround the coasts and coves teeming with rich marine life.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top Destinations in the Caribbean II

Grand Turk is the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands. This is 6 miles long and just over a mile wide. Although Grand Turk is a small island, the sugary sands enchanted many people. Coming here is not worthy if you don’t try snorkeling, diving, fishing and sailing, exploring beautiful sceneries underwater. Grand Turk is included in the top 10 diving destinations in the world.

Monday, October 6, 2008

top destinationas in the Caribbean

If you heard the word Caribbean, what is on your mind? Well, I guess we all think the same thing, paradise. Caribbean Sea is a tropical sea and part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the largest salt water seas and comprises about 29% of the world’s coral reefs. Every year millions of tourists visit Caribbean, truly this place is heaven.

Now, if you are very interested to explore what this paradise can offer, I will give you the Top Beach Destinations in Caribbean.
First on the list is Tobago Cays Beach Vacations. Experience a total solitude in this rare tropical paradise that only a yacht can reach. Or maybe find your sports thrills, you can sail, snorkel and beach comb in the numerous islets. Provide yourself a cottage in the hillsides of Petit St. Vincent and get a nice view of the palm-studded beach.

Nevis Beach Vacations
A real relaxation is what you are going to feel if you are in this place. One of the locals said that the best reason to go to Nevis was to practice the art of “Limin”, it means ‘doing nothing’. Feel the calming waves in this small volcanic island and get a chance to see the complete view of St. Kitts.

Retrieve Image from SQL Server C#

Last time, I have posted the code in saving image to SQL Server in C#. Today I'm going to write the code in retrieving the image from SQL Server.

// fetch data from database
// Create dataTableAdapters

adapter.Fill(dataSet, "table");
MemorySystem ms = new MemorySystem;

dataSet.table[0].Image_Data, 0, dataSet.table[0].Image_Data.Length);
Image bmp = Bitmap.FromStream(ms);
pictureBox1.Image = bmp;

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Caribbean Island

Situated below the USA and just above the South America lies the vast ocean filled with 7,000 islands and islets with breath taking sceneries. This is the "The Caribbean". One of the destination spots especially during summer season, Caribbean Islands offers different activities like scuba-diving, golf, mountain climbing, hiking, swimming, bird watching and a lot more. Make your special event like weddings even more special by having it in one of their islands. Caves with bat colonies, stalagmites and stalactites, volcanoes, and exotic birds can really amaze tourists. It is also the location of world’s longest subterranean waterways. So if you feel like having an adventure, Caribbean Islands is the spot.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

enjoy the water

I myself is a beach lover. If I do have long vacation, it wouldn’t be complete if I will not spend a day in the beach. I don’t know, whenever I am in the beach I feel so relaxed and peaceful. That is why I will not cease looking for beautiful sights and beaches. Here are some of my lists of the nice beaches. Check this out.
• This 412 acre marine camping park is the Grayland Beach State Park. The beach stretches for miles in both directions. There are so many activities you can do here, like you can go fishing, clamming, crabbing, beach combing and even bird watching. The park also attracts kite-flyers, kite observers and those who enjoy the pleasant day in the beach. For those who love nature, this is a perfect place. Appreciate nature while wandering the quarter-mile interpretative trail to the beach.

Channel Islands National Park
Beach Vacations
and snorkeling are the major activities that you can do here. Variety of fish and plants thrive when warm southern currents meet cooler northern currents. The four islands namely: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel—all are great diving sites. They said that there’s nothing like a visit to the Channel Islands. Whether you approach them by sea or air you can never stop feeling astounded despite the neighboring Southern California’s teeming masses. What keeps me amazed is that the islands are also the most important seabird-nesting area in Southern California and home to one of the biggest seal- and sea-lion-breeding colonies in the United States. And up to now, it is well preserved.

• For people who love active adventure in the beach, Kauia beach is one of the best. The combination of moody rainforests, green valleys, gigantic cliffs, and the dancing palm trees makes you want to stay for long, longer than you ever thought. You even don’t want to miss to see every golden sunset, breath the tropical scented air, listen to sunrise bird songs and adore the sparkling waterfalls . There is a law on Kauai states that no building may exceed the height of a coconut tree -- between three and four stories. As a result, the island itself, not its grandiosel beach hotels, is the attention-grabber. There are few nightlife here, no extravagant shopping malls. But the lush jungle, the endless succession of spectacular beaches, the majestic Waimea Canyon, and the beauty of the Na Pali Coast are incpmparable. Watersports galore are everywhere; miles of trails through rainforests and along ocean cliffs for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders; and golf options that range from championship links to funky local courses where chickens roam the greens and balls wind up embedded in coconut trees. But Kauai is also great for those who need to relax and heal jangled nerves. Here you'll find miles of sandy beaches, perfect for just sitting and meditating. There are also quiet spots in the forest where you can listen to the rain dance on the leaves, as well as an endless supply of laid-back, lazy days that end with the sun sinking into the Pacific amid a blaze of glorious tropical color.