Monday, October 6, 2008

top destinationas in the Caribbean

If you heard the word Caribbean, what is on your mind? Well, I guess we all think the same thing, paradise. Caribbean Sea is a tropical sea and part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the largest salt water seas and comprises about 29% of the world’s coral reefs. Every year millions of tourists visit Caribbean, truly this place is heaven.

Now, if you are very interested to explore what this paradise can offer, I will give you the Top Beach Destinations in Caribbean.
First on the list is Tobago Cays Beach Vacations. Experience a total solitude in this rare tropical paradise that only a yacht can reach. Or maybe find your sports thrills, you can sail, snorkel and beach comb in the numerous islets. Provide yourself a cottage in the hillsides of Petit St. Vincent and get a nice view of the palm-studded beach.

Nevis Beach Vacations
A real relaxation is what you are going to feel if you are in this place. One of the locals said that the best reason to go to Nevis was to practice the art of “Limin”, it means ‘doing nothing’. Feel the calming waves in this small volcanic island and get a chance to see the complete view of St. Kitts.

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