Thursday, March 27, 2008

the reason why

I remembered when I was a child that every time we have money problems, I just go to a corner and started to cry. During that moment I asked God why. Why of all people we suffer, why is it we're not rich, why is it that we cannot afford to buy even our basic needs. That questions continue until I was 19.

One night, I went home from school. Since my sisters were away for school, only my mom and I were left. When I got there, my mom wasn't home yet so I tried to entertain myself by watching tv but I felt bored and turn it off. I was experiencing a long silence when suddenly tears fell from my eyes. I felt loneliness in my heart, I just missed everyone and I felt all alone.

I looked up and I saw the cross hanged on the wall. More tears fell and for some reason God answered my whys.

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