Friday, March 14, 2008

the sad part

I was surfing on the net on an internet cafe, seated beside me was a lady with a young girl around 5 to 7 years of age. I noticed that the young girl was having a voice chat, and I accidentally overheard their conversation. I've learned that she was talking to her mom, and I thought that her mom is somewhere far. During the conversation I've heard that she was asking if when she could see her, based from her reactions, I thought that her mom said that it will never be soon. That time, I cannot help myself but to feel sad, because their situation is one in a million. I mean, it has actually become like a tradition here in our country that a member of a family will go abroad just to work there. It's just a sad thing to know that living here in the Philippines couldn't sustain an ordinary family. Some of us has to make sacrifice and be away from our loved ones for the sake of having a good life.

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