Monday, March 17, 2008

at young age

I saw "Kid Nation" for the first time, it is a reality show that is all about running a city by kids only. At first I was hesitant to watch the show, I don't think that it is entertaining, but later on I was having fun, I actually liked it.. It's funny how those kids act like adults, trying to resolve some situations and trying to make fair decisions. I was laughing to myself that these kids are trying to do things maturely. There were conflicts about respect, discipline and teamwork. I want to know what's the next step of their leaders to maintain and improve their city, I also want to know how their members going to accept their plans. Aside from the daily games which are pretty exciting, another thing that makes me like the show is the fact that children learned so many things from their experiences and I must admit that I learned as well. I admired the children that at such young age they were trying to do things for the betterment not for the few but for all of them, I realized there is something the kids have in which the adults have lost, that is despite the negative attitude a person has they don't want to just tell that person in his face what's wrong but they want that person to change and they are ready to help and support that person. Perhaps, that is a very important lesson that we adults must think about.

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